What is this place?

A social network (you know, like Facebook, Google+, etc.), but anonymous. This means: no screen names (other than Anonymous), no public profile pages, no avatars, no links to other websites/profiles, etc. Just the texts people post, accompanied by the time and date.

Why was this created?

Because its creators came up with it, and thought it might be funny and/or interesting. This is not some scheme to make money, nor some idealistic manifest. It’s more an experiment (social, technical, and artistic) than anything else.

So how is this financed?

We pay for it with our own money. We are not against making money—and we’d love for you to donate—but this project has no sound business model. It has no investors, no advertising, and isn’t even crowd-funded. Plus, we will definitely not sell your information.

Then why do you need my email address?

Because we want to at least check if you’re human. We also need to be able to block an account when a poster starts to break any laws. Information the application gets automatically (like an IP address) wouldn’t cut it. Also, it’s useful when you want to request a new password, etc.

So it’s not actually anonymous then, is it?

The back-end (database and application core) connects your email address to a user ID, and user ID’s to post ID’s. This allows you to delete/edit your own posts, and other useful things like that. The front of the website—where people communicate—however, is anonymous.

I could just post my name though, right?

You could, yes. You then could also be lying. Who knows? Who cares? It might actually be an interesting exercise.

What do you hope will happen?

Hope is a strong word, but it would be very cool if something beautiful grows from this. However, if it escalates into chaos in a couple of days and we have to take everything down, we will probably have learned something, and it would still have been a good thing.